Debby Ogg

QuoteI invite the adventurers and the seekers to work with me. Together, we begin an exploration of the completely individual, internal terrain of your experiences and emotions. Fear of the unknown is replaced with open curiosity. As your true nature is present from birth, the acceptance of your experiences and your world becomes the key to an authentic, thriving self. You are the alchemist, shifting the difficult life lessons into your greatest gifts.

Life is a mysterious journey

Life is a mysterious journey of ups and downs, of immense beauty and delight, as well as challenge and, sometimes, despair. I bring 43 years of therapy experience to my clients; bridging eastern and western modalities, complimentary and traditional approaches to help individuals regain clarity, control, and joy in their lives. As my client, you will align to your purpose, authenticity and power by using life's challenges as a gateway to self-discovery and healing.

I specialize in teaching the connection between mind and body, health and consciousness. As a survivor of Stage 4 Lymphoma, 27 years ago, I share with you therapeutic approaches for releasing fear, anxiety, and stress- the underlying culprit of 85% of diseases. I help you find your own prescription for optimal living and self-expression. Come join me!

Navigating the Cancer Maze Interview

On March 15th I was interviewed by Grace Gawler for her show Navigating the Cancer Maze on Voice America. You can listen to it now by clicking. It is also available as a podcast on iTunes.

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“Debby - you have not only been a therapist and a friend to me, but also a role model. I have always admired your courage and your inner strength. That is why I chose you as my therapist. You have helped me to find a courage and an inner strength of my own that I never even realized I possessed.”