• Chronic Illness
  • Authenticity and Self-Expression
  • Stress Management
  • Complementary and Alternative Health

Addressing Issues:

  • Anxiety and Depression 
  • Managing Life Transitions
  • Diagnosis of Illness
  • Loss and Grief


One Day Workshop for Advanced Students

Title: Maitre Breathwork

Through simple breathing techniques, non-ordinary states of consciousness are achieved, allowing us to feel, clear, and heal unconscious patterns. In this safe, supportive healing environment, participants are supported into a structured breathing routine that allows them to enter into deep, intuitive states of consciousness that empower personal growth. The experience is supported with a combination of cross-cultural and world music, evocative scent, and hands-on bodywork.
Cost: $180
Dates: Fall 2011
For more information: contact office at 845-657-2203


Titles and content are customized for every presentation!

On Healthy Living

 Title: Using Your Mind to Heal Your Body

The mind is your most powerful healing instrument. Are you using it to heal yourself of ailments, from cancer to autoimmune disorders and daily fatigue? Based on Debby's acclaimed program Stress Healthy in 28 Days this presentation helps audiences learn practices for directing the mind to heal a range of illnesses. Based on Debby's extensive study of body-mind practices this presentation will help participants:

  • Discover the biochemical influence of mental practices such as visualization and meditation
  • Learn how to apply healing mental practices anywhere, anytime, on any medical issue
  • Optional takeaways: Stress Healthy in 28 Days checklist

On Thriving with an Illness

Title: Life After A Diagnosis

A chronic or life threatening diagnosis can be shattering to yourself and your loved ones. Learn how to integrate difficult news with a sense of possibility, commitment to health, and constructive action.
Based on Debby's personal account and 20 years of experience supporting people through illness, participants will be able to:

  • Learn how to turn fear into focus
  • Develop a clear picture of what they want in their life and start acting on it immediately
  • Optional takeaways: Stress Healthy in 28 Days booklet

On Stress Reduction

Title: Taking the Stress out of Your Life- Once and For All!

Are you feeling stressed, weighed down by trying to make it all work and worried that you're coming up short? Do you know that stress is the underlying culprit of 85% of all disease? Based on Debby's 20 years experience in stress management, this presentation shows audiences how to release stress - and regain ease, lightness, and joy in life- no matter what the circumstances. As a result of this presentation, people will be able to:

  • Use simple techniques for immediately reframing life's most stressful situations
  • Discover practices for replacing stress with focus and energy
  • Optional takeaways: Stress Healthy in 28 Days booklet

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