Debby Franke Ogg, MSW, LCSW

Debby is a licensed psychotherapist, and interfaith minister, with 40 years of clinical experience working with individuals and families. She guides her clients through issues ranging from anxiety and depression, to trauma and loss.

For the last 3 decades Debby has undergone an intense study and application of a wide range of holistic, complimentary, and alternative health modalities, which she credits for healing her from incurable stage 4 Lymphoma, 27 years ago.

This profound personal experience and clinical examination has made Debby uniquely gifted in supporting individuals to find authenticity, courage, and grace through life's most difficult experiences and transitions.

Her quest for a cure for her cancer was chronicled in the CBS TV-movie titled "A Leap of Faith," starring Anne Archer and Sam Neill. Debbie has worked on Lifetime Network as a parenting skills coach and group facilitator. She has been a spokesperson for the role of consciousness in healing and the relationship between psychology, immunity and health.

In addition to her private practice, Debby lectures and provides workshops in an array of settings, from cancer treatment centers, to corporate wellness programs, to private groups.  She inspires audiences to know that everyone has the capacity to healing, either into life or into their death. She also teaches individuals, from corporate executives to health care professionals, how to manage occupational stress and take the first step towards healthy living. 

Debby offers herself as a guide, and as an alchemist, to anyone committed to personal growth and shifts in consciousness.   She brings that wisdom and wide toolkit to her clients, allowing them to choose their own pathways toward personal healing.  

In addition to her traditional training in psychotherapy, she is experienced in applying clients withvMeditation, Visualization, Maitre Breathwork, and Energy Medicine.

Debby is the proud mother of a 25 year-old daughter and is celebrating her 27th anniversary with his husband, Oscar Ogg.  She lives in the Hudson Valley and enjoys gardening and organic foods. Debby is currently writing a book, due out in 2012. She shares her home with a dog and a cat.

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“Debby - you have not only been a therapist and a friend to me, but also a role model. I have always admired your courage and your inner strength. That is why I chose you as my therapist. You have helped me to find a courage and an inner strength of my own that I never even realized I possessed.”